Our Staff

Nonprofit Impact is a women-owned small business. Together with our sister company, Conservation Impact, we have worked with over 675 clients in 46 states. We created Nonprofit Impact in 2003 to complement our work in Conservation Impact, which provides comprehensive organizational development consulting to organizations and related public agencies dedicated to environmental quality and natural resource protection.

We have spent our entire professional careers in the nonprofit and public sectors and have extensive experience with public health, education, and human services, as well as a solid track record of consulting and training success. We do this work because we care about making a difference in our communities.




Strengths and Experience

  • Strategic thinking, getting to the core issues, creating practical solutions, and inspiring clients to be stronger than they could have imagined.
  • 30 years working with nonprofits and public agencies; management, technical assistance, and consulting; adjunct faculty in nonprofit management.


How Clients Describe Shelli

“Amazing visionary” “Passionate and energetic” “A real pro”

What Clients Have Said About Shelli

“My team and I are still coming down from the amazing high and “awe ha” moment you gave us two weeks ago! You have changed the way we view our coalition, our efforts, our impact, and our “meetingless meetings.” You are truly gifted at what you do!”

“Of all the consultants we have had over the 15 years I have been here, no one has helped us to be more transformative and to act on what we learned for the advancement of our mission.”

“I was impressed how you were able to keep the group on point, manage some strong and vocal personalities, and craft language which presented an acceptable compromise between differing points of view and sometimes doing all of these at the same time.”


Master’s of Public Administration with Nonprofit Emphasis, University of Colorado at Denver

Bachelor’s of Arts, Environmental Conservation, University of Colorado at Denver


  • Founded and manages Conservation Impact and Nonprofit Impact for past 15 years.
  • Consulted with more than 1,000 nonprofits and public agencies nationwide and in Canada and the Philippines.
  • Started and managed two revenue generating enterprises of nonprofit institutions.
  • Started and managed Colorado’s fourteen Small Business Development Centers.
  • Authored several nonprofit management, marketing, and organizational development articles.
  • Invited speaker and trainer at national conferences and leadership institutes.


  • Making organizations and agencies potent and impactful.
  • All aspects of organizational development and how organizations and agencies do their work.
  • Generational cohort data and information and how it applies to nonprofit marketing.


Strengths and Experience

  • Strategic thinking, aligning goals and fundraising, connecting with high-level volunteers, and bringing clarity to complex issues and systems.
  • 15 years working with nonprofits and public agencies; fundraising, program development, grant making, special events, volunteer and board development.


How Clients Describe Karen

“Focus and guidance” “You keep us on track” “Personable and professional”

What Clients Have Said About Karen

“Your information was hugely helpful and your presentation style helped everyone connect in real ways. Your ‘Engaging Constituents’ information opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.”

“Thank you again for helping facilitate this meeting. We really couldn’t have done it without your help. I’m feeling much more confident about where we’re going and what we need to do to move this organization forward.”

“Your feedback really helped to clarify our message and has given us a plan of attack for tomorrow’s fundraising meeting.”

“Thanks so much for a valuable presentation. I’ve had several people comment on what a great presenter you were and how much they gained from it. I was especially pleased to have staff and board working together on mutual concerns.”


Masters in Nonprofit Management, with Honors, from Regis University
Colorado Trust Fellowship, Class of 1997

Bachelor’s of Arts, Sociology, University of Colorado at Boulder


  • Consulted with local, regional, national, and international nonprofits around the country.
  • Recruited, trained, and supervised over 500 volunteers filling a wide variety of roles, including high-level board and committee volunteers.
  • Developed and implemented 80+ fundraising events for local, state, and national audiences.
  • Created comprehensive marketing and donor communication campaigns.
  • Invited workshop leader at state and national conferences.


  • Helping organizations determine their strategic focus.
  • Taking the fear out of fundraising.
  • How organizations use technology to connect with supporters and raise funds.



Strengths and Experience

  • Integrated strategic, financial, and organizational planning
  • Data-driven decision-making leading to focused, efficient efforts
  • Systematic project management and community engagement


What Clients Say About Blake

“We are positioned well as a result of Blake’s efforts with the industry, with the Mayor’s office, and by partnering with excellent individuals and organizations.”

“Your colleagues and peers mention your leadership abilities, your strengths in organizational development and your attention to detail while focusing on strategic goals.”

“You have helped put us on the map, thank you for your excellent work.”

“Blake Angelo’s style was heroic, well-organized without being heavy. This work is so essential to our future … it is an inoculant against failure!”


Master’s of Public Health with Concentration in Health Systems, Management, and Policy, Colorado School of Public Health

Bachelor’s of Arts, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado at Boulder


  • Consulting: 330 companies, hospitals, universities, agencies, nonprofits and entrepreneurs in strategic, financial, operational or marketing planning.
  • Focus: community economic development, nonprofit management, food systems and local agriculture, public health, and sustainable business development.
  • Entrepreneur: web marketing company, documentary company, small farm and consulting practice


  • Directed philanthropic foundation, creating and managing foundation operations and grant making
  • Founded and directed consulting practice, web marketing company, documentary company, and small farm
  • Coordinated successful grant writing and management program at state university
  • Improved hospital and health care business processes including process optimization for cost saving and decision-modeling analyses for new initiatives
  • Small enterprise consulting resulting in 227% over year increase in profitability
  • Developed and implemented crowd-funding platform and multiple integrated outreach, marketing, and social media strategies


  • Transformational leadership
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Social entrepreneurship



Strengths and Experience

  • Human resources practices and systems; volunteer management
  • Business operations and project management
  • Nonprofit program development, management and evaluation
  • Grant writing and editing
  • Fluent in Spanish


Words Used to Describe Melissa

“Highly organized” “Attentive to detail” “A great addition to any team”


Master of International Affairs, concentration in Human Rights and International Conflict Resolution, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs

Bachelor of the Arts in Political Science, minor in Spanish, Certificate of Latin American Studies, Colorado State University

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate, Bridge-Linguatec International, Santiago, Chile


  • Developed and managed human resources policies, procedures, and systems for 1,200 person company.
  • Developed and directed program for low-income and homeless youth.
  • Facilitated training for at risk youth.
  • Created and directed impact assessment for international youth program with emphasis on health and social outcomes.
  • Instructed Chilean business professionals in advanced English language.


  • Improving organization communication and culture
  • How organizations collect, monitor, evaluate, and synthesize program data
  • Writing, editing, foreign languages

The same way a nonprofit can’t succeed without a great board, a small business can’t succeed without trusted advisors. We appreciate the services of our extended team:

Accounting Services

Melissa Evert, CPA
The Allen Group, PC
12265 W Bayaud Ave, Ste 200
Lakewood, CO 80228


Mike Kloverstrom
Fountainhead Networks
2330 Broadway, Ste 108
Denver, CO 80205

Financial Services

Jennifer Burstein
Balanced Solutions, LLC

Financial Planning

Mitch Behm
Edward Jones
2755 S Locust St. No. 107
Denver, CO 80222

We also learn a great deal from our community of clients.