We are Your Strategic Advisors

As your strategic advisors, we help you to design and lead your re-positioning, program development, and organizational transition efforts.

We provide frameworks, tools, and objective guidance that can save you hundreds of hours of time and ensure that your leadership team works efficiently and effectively to take your organization, agency, or program to its next level of success.

We guide leaders and managers to undertake new challenges or pursue exciting opportunities for growth, integration, and redesign. Consider Nonprofit Impact’s strategic advisory services to help you successfully navigate all types of organizational change.


Outcome-Driven Technical Assistance

Nonprofit Impact provides training, consultation, implementation assistance, and mentoring and coaching to design outcome-driven technical assistance programs and/ or to enhance skills of technical assistance providers.

Public health, aging, and human service agencies and organizations provide a variety of technical assistance services. Technical assistance tends to focus on process and activities rather than measurable outcomes. Technical assistance is more than just sharing information, facilitating planning sessions, or training workshops.

Outcome-driven technical assistance is a deliberate function to bring about organizational, community, or systems change. To bring about outcomes and realize a return on investment, technical assistance requires an intensive intervention. Successful interventions are grounded in the principles and practices of organizational development and community change. Our five step outcome-driven technical assistance is a systematic and structured process that will help technical assistance providers achieve measurable success and lasting impact.

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Program Design and Development

Dynamic and impactful organizations, agencies, and program continually ask how to design and deliver better, more cost-effective services and products that best meet the needs of their constituents.

Whether driven by best practices, new research, opportunities for collaboration, or program evaluation, program (re-)design and development is necessary to ensure that programs remain relevant and effective. We provide objective guidance, tools, templates, and support to help you design (or re-design) programs and services to achieve your desired outcomes.

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Organizational Change and Renewal

Organizations, agencies, and programs experience transitions throughout their development – from the start-up phase, through growth, to maturity and reinvention. These transition points can be periods of disequilibrium. But they also offer the opportunity to reenergizing staff, board, and partners and redefine critical aspects of your operations in the context of your changing environment.

As a well managed and deliberate process, organizational change empowers staff, builds capacity, and ensures focus towards results. We create a customized change management approach that works best for your organization, agency, or program and its culture. We provide objective guidance and advice, tools, templates, processes, and support to ensure smooth transitions and a productive and energizing environment.

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Integration and Alignment

Creating a more integrated and aligned operation is key to being successful in an ever-changing environment. Integration implies a holistic, systems approach to increasing the sustainablity of organizations, agencies, and programs. It is most accurate to consider integration as a means to achieving specific outcomes, rather than as an outcome itself.

We design integration processes and provide the frameworks, foundations, and templates that save hundreds of hours in staff time. Because of our extensive nationwide experience, we share what has worked, and not worked, in other situations and provide guidance, support, and resources to help create more fully integrated and aligned operations.

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