A Systems Approach

Our practice focuses on community and public health, education, and human services. We work with nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and programs, including coalitions and partnerships.

The frameworks below guide our work with clients and are based on 30 years of capacity building work with organizations, agencies, and programs. Our work is also grounded in the principles and best practices of nonprofit management, public administration, and organizational development.

The Integrated Strategy for Success and Sustainability: The Impact Model

Our Integrated Strategy for Success and Sustainability shows that organizations, agencies, and programs with an identity tightly focused on the difference they want to make, meaningful connections to constituents, and a business model that ensures capacity to effectively attain and deploy resources, create impact. It is this impact that assures success and sustainability. The Integrated Strategy provides a comprehensive and proven framework that we apply in all of our work.

nextlevelNext Level

Successfully attaining the next level requires leveraging an organization’s, agency’s, or program’s assets and brand to engage a larger constituency and becoming more strategically, operationally, and financially focused, stable, and sustainable.